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Stowaway pirate (Jack SparrowXReader)
You whimpered as people entered the bottom of the ship. You had jumped on board running from soldiers approximately an hour ago. They were chasing you for escaping hanging in the gallows. And it was only afterward that you realized you were on a pirate ship. And you had sworn you’d never set foot on a pirate ship again.
"I thought I 'eard something down 'ere." A voice said
“I told you you were just ‘earing things idiot!” Another voice said. 
You heard the second man smack the first mans head and suddenly a wooden eye rolled right next to you. You held your breath and inched deeper into the shadows. A hand began to grope around for the eye.
“‘urry up Ragetti! Jack needs us up deck!”
“Almost got it Pintel…” He said his hand going towards you and suddenly firmly grabbing your breast.
You screeched and slapped his hand away, quickly standing up. He yelped in surprise and fell over. The man named Pintel looked at you, grinning
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 17 11
Just choose. 
You can't let these things change you, can't let them shape you.
Why haven't you just let it go? Why haven't you chosen to forget and forgive.
Why? After all the cruelty why can you not let it go? Just choose.
Don't you get it? I don't have a choice! 
If I could've chosen I would have done it already!
You say choose, like I haven't tried.
Like I haven't spent years trying to understand how it was so easy for you.
You think you know me. Think you know my life.
Think you know everything I've been through.
Think you know my mind. 
Think I lie or exaggerate. 
After all you're the parent so you must know everything about your child right?
I know it upsets you. That I can't just choose. Like you.
I'm sorry. I'm trying, I swear. I just...cant.
Guys just choose. Choose to listen and understand.
Just choose. Like you always do.
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 0 3
Blind Faith (CrowleyXBlind!Nephilm!Reader..sorta)
"Oi (Y/n)! This order is going to table twelve. And the one in your right hand is table five. Oh and table four wants another round of beers." Your manager barked sharply. 
You nodded meekly, throwing your head back to adjust your sunglasses back up on your eyes properly before walking out towards the tables. You sighed. You hated this job with a passion but it was the only one you could get. Only reason you got it was because your asshat of a dad owned a bar chain. And you were forced to continue the 'family business.'
Before the accident you were on your way to becoming an art student. You loved to paint and sculpt, and draw. Anything to do with art you loved. It was your greatest talent. But the night you were going to the college, having been accepted earlier that month, something happened. 
If only you'd been more careful. There was a car coming up behind you. It speed around you and you growled, cursing in Latin. You continued on your way, smiling as you saw the sign sa
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 13 2
All consuming.
Its all I know.
All I ever have known.
And all that I ever will know.
There are brief flickers of light amidst the ocean of darkness.
But they are just that.
As soon as I get used to the light they go out.
Plunging me once more into the darkness.
I go along the path blindly, not knowing where it is leading me.
Or if I will fall off.
In the darkness everything is lost.
All is lost except for sadness and insanity. Longing and pain.
Longing for something besides darkness.
Longing for light.
For the lost things.
As I go along there is another light. 
In the distance.
Will it go out like the others?
Or will it stay?
I follow the light.
As I get closer I see a figure.
This is the thing I was longing.
I greet Death with happiness.
Yet he turns from me.
"People need you here." he says.
"But why? Why do they have to need me? Why do they have to care?" I ask furiously.
"How can they? After all I've done. All the thi
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 2 0
Silence has a sound
Silence has a sound.
Everlasting always talking.
Sleep is the only relief.
Voices speaking, screaming, yelling, wailing, whispering.
Silence has a sound.
The voices ringing, singing, bringing you closer closer closer to the edge.
Edge of anger and sadness.
Insanity is coming soon.
But will eternal sleep come sooner?
Voices voices voices.
Silence has a sound.
The longer you listen the more you hear the harder it is to forget to ignore.
Friends and family say "Stay stay stay with us. Stay with the voices. Stay awake." 
But if they heard them. Oh only if they heard the voices as you hear them now.
They'd know. Know the pain and longing. It hurts it hurts.
Silence has a sound.
No no no no no just let you sleep. People won't let you sleep. Just sleep.
Sleep forever never more awake to the horrid voices. The sound that silence makes.
Insanity has come now.
Silence has a sound.
Louder the voices are louder now. Deafening you can't ignore them.
Sleep eternal sleep that's the next
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 2 0
Mature content
Kids meal :iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 7 6
So much more
The droning, slow and steady beeping of the hospital monitor echoed slightly in the near empty room. As the door slid shut it cut off the outside noise of the hospital. The labored breathing could now be heard under the monitor. A soft hand clutched one that was wrinkled and calloused. 
"I love you. I need you to be okay." The young adult said.
"I know you do and I love you too." The old man responded.
"You sacrificed your health to save me. Why? I'm not worth it."
"Yes you are. Look at you, young, full of hope and potential. You can do so much more! So much more! And I'm making sure that happens. And I expect it to happen."
"No. Not without you I can't. I won't. Not without you."
The man laughed weakly. "Of course you can. You're going to do everything I dreamed of doing, everything I couldn't do and more. Without me."
"I don't want you to go."
"Do I really have any other choice?"
And before the younger one got to respond the monitor began the one, long, dreaded note.
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 1 0
Who I am
My memory, like most often say life is, is fleeting. Most memories are bad or foggy. Or both. Most memories are dreams sometimes confused with reality. My life sucks. My early childhood suckier. People mocking and laughing. Judging and whispering. Pointing out flaws. Mistakes. Laughing at my misfortune. Taking advantage of my kindness, tricking me. Laughing at my disability. Near the end of elementary school and the beginning of middle I found someone who I thought I could call a friend, a protector. But this  so called friendship, this empty promise of protection came at a very high price. A price I didn't want to pay. Molestation is never fun. Molestation every day for five years even less so. It only stopped because he moved away. He never did protect me like he said. But then again since when does anyone do anything they say they will? I found safety online. I found people I could call friends. Someone I could love. But someone else came along. Turned the one I loved against m
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 1 1
Mature content
Tick tock :iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 1 0
Bars and orange juice (GabrielXReader)
“Guys I’m really not sure about this…” You muttered as you were shoved into the back seat of the Impala with Castiel.
“Do not be nervous (Y/n)” Cas said as you fell on his lap due to Dean’s excessive shoving.
You quickly sat up and tried to escape. Dean yelped as you barreled past him.
“Sam quick! She’s making a break for it!” He yelled.
“Oh no you don’t!” Sam wrapped his arms around you and lifted you into the air.
“No!” You squealed, kicking your legs. “Put me down you big fat moose!”
You hit him as best you could as him and Dean literally shoved you back inside the car, trying to muffle your screams of “Help! Kidnap! Rape! Stranger Danger!”
“Seriously (Y/n) stop struggling! You’re making this more difficult than it has to be!” Dean growled, climbing on top of you and pressing his hand harder onto y
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 39 9
Never gonna let her go (10XReader)
You screamed as the vortex opened wider, pulling you in. 
"Don't worry! I've got ya!" The doctor grabbed your hand and pulled you to him.
"Don't let go!" you sobbed. "Please for the love of God don't let go." 
"Don't worry." he whispered softly as the vortex dissipated. He was crying, his shoulders shaking.
The TARDIS doors closed and locked. He shoved his face into your shoulder and kissed the skin tenderly.
"I've got you Rose Tyler. I won't let go ever again."
Your eyes opened in shock and he tensed as he realized what he said. You pushed him away and you both stumbled slightly. Your eyes showed what you both felt. Hurt. Confusion. 
"(Y/n)...I didn't-" He began.
You shook your head and bit your lip, walking backwards for a few steps and turning running to your room. Ignoring his pleas for you to come back. You slammed your door shut and sobbed even harder. 
You had been traveling with the Doctor for years. Almost five now. Your relationship with him had been escal
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 32 1
Yet to be named (DoctorXReader) Part seven!
“I’m finished.” You say after swallowing the last bite of food.
He grinned at you and helped you up. You yelped as you felt your feet go out from under you.
“Adrenaline's worn off. You’ll have to wait a bit before standing. I’ll carry you.” He picked you up without waiting for your answer.
He bent down and blew out the candle, picking up the plate. He walked out of the library and you buried your face in his jacket, grimacing at the bright light. You heard voices and looked up to see Adam and Rose sitting in the main room of the TARDIS.
“Adam. Rose.” The Doctor said. “This is (Y/n). She escaped after being here for two years. She’s going to stay here.”
“Hello!” Rose said cheerfully. “Sorry for scaring you earlier.”
“You didn’t.” You whispered. “He did.” You pointed to Adam and he looked down.
“For what it’s worth.” Adam said. “I’m r
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 11 8
One day there was a friend of Bowtiesarecool15. She was very sad because she got unfairly fired by huge meanies from a job she loved. So Bowties did the only sensible thing. She located the people responsible. And sensibly yelled at them for being pricks. Then, taking out a random weapon she slayed them where they stood. And then she went to Albme94's house and got her her job back and they went out for ice cream and that is the story of how they got their revenge.
............The end.
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 4 10
Yet to be named (DoctorXReader) Part six!
He knew he just barely recognized that earlier feeling. The instinctive feeling all Time Lords have when in the presence of other Time Lords. He hadn’t felt it in so long he almost forgot what it felt like. The feeling was faint however.  
“Please” You moaned. “Please don’t take me back. I don’t want to go back.”
He walked over to you and sat down. “Don’t worry. I won’t.”
“I-I never did anything wrong.”
“It’s okay…” He looked at you and sighed. “I’m sorry about what happened to you.”
“Yeah me too”
“Would you like to stay here on the TARDIS and travel with me and Rose?”
“What does that mean? Tardis.”
His face fell slightly. “Stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space.”
“Sounds….nice that word. I guess I’ll travel with you both.”
“You’re shaking” He observed.
You looked a
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 13 6
Yet to be named (DoctorXReader) Part five!
You froze and turned around, standing up. You saw a tan man with a black leather jacket and rather large ears. He had his arms crossed and a curious look on his face.
“You couldn’t possibly have gotten in without a key!”
“It was unlocked. I uh….I escaped f-from the lower floor. I’ve been chained up in a room for two years...and I found this...and I needed to hide s-so I did.”
The man looked at you with a more serious look. His mind came back to something Van Statten had said earlier. ‘You’re like the other one. Did you come to help her escape?’
“Please don’t throw me out….” You whispered.
He suddenly smiled and then laughed. “Throw you out? That would be rather rude don’t you think? Welcome to the TARDIS, I’m the Doctor! Now the more interesting question would be who are you?”
“Who is who?” A blonde girl walked up beside the Doctor. She was probably Rose “Who ar
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 10 2
Idiot (HouseXReader)
House sighed as he threw the ball against the wall, watching it bounce back and catching it with his cane. He had been doing this for over ten minutes. That is until his phone rang. He picked it up and heard your voice on the other end, grimacing as the ball rolled over to the window.
“I’ll miss you.” You said.
Before he could respond you hung up. He walked over to pick up the ball and looked out his window. People were outside, almost the entire hospital it seemed. They were looking up. Towards the roof. He leaned out his window to see you standing on the edge of the roof.
“Idiot!” He said, shutting his window and rushing to the roof door, only to find it locked, and seemingly barricaded from the outside.
He turned around and began the trek downstairs. Once there House stepped outside and shoved his way to the front of the crowd, looking up.
“(Y/n) what the hell are you doing?!” He screamed.
“What the hell do you think? You’re a fu
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 16 1


Hydra by arvalis Hydra :iconarvalis:arvalis 3,780 188
Daddy kink (Sans x reader)
My first X reader fic!! :D Holy shiz nuts it sucks!!! Enjoy!!!!
Your eyes dilated, breath turned into short gasps as you quickly pressed your hand against your mouth to hold back any distorted sound. Your face became flush and warmth flooded in your cheeks as furrowed eyes darted to the side, attempting to rid the shame that hung over your head.
A muffled sound of a door opening and then being shut cued your next line of action. Fumbling with the wireless mouse, you quickly moved to close the web browser. Yes, you were reading a filthy fanfiction on one of your multiple fandoms. The story you were reading just moments ago was consisted of a daddy kink, which, by the way, is one of your favorite kinks (if it's not, just pretend it is :P)  
You couldn't help it. The tags and summary was eye catching,  and oh did it catch you. The story was turning hot and heavy, and you w
:iconmemorygal:Memorygal 220 85
Kiss Me Like That (Sans x Reader) ONE SHOT
I’m so sorry for not updating ATSB, I’ve been having a slight case of writer's block so I decided to write this short in order to get my creative side going, and to make up for the chapter. I’ll try to finish writing that some time this week :)
But anyway, enjoy!
For the past couple of days you’ve been binge watching a Korean drama called Personal Taste. At first, you were a bit hesitant, not usually the type to watch  foreign films or shows, but ever since Alphys made her big discovery on Korean drama, she’s insisted that you at least see one of her favorite shows. So here you were, in the dark, huddled in the corner of the couch cocooned in a blue blanket while squealing at the events unfolding before you.
You just reached the scene where Chang-Ryeol confronts Gae-In during the musical, when Sans walks into the room. He peers over the couch, lifting a bone brow at the TV screen and then settling himself near you. You feel the couch shift an
:iconmemorygal:Memorygal 300 117
I'll Be Back Soon
I promise :heart:
:iconleilani-lily:Leilani-Lily 3 6
Comb by wlop Comb :iconwlop:wlop 8,908 129 The Mist by ryky The Mist :iconryky:ryky 3,625 38 Infinite Melody by yuumei Infinite Melody :iconyuumei:yuumei 11,920 249
Starry Night Sky Above | Link x Reader |
Epona softly clicked along the path made in Ordon Village, Link perched atop her back. His gloved fingers softly combed the white hair of her mane, the hero lazily looking around. It was late, and most likely no one was awake. The Ordonians were never really known to be night owls in the first place, but the seventeen-year-old noticed that, when he had been in the body of a wolf, that, with as good a reason as any, the adults had been staying up at all hours of the night. Their children were missing, it was only natural that they couldn't lay down peacefully and get any rest. They no doubt stayed up late at night, waiting for the day that the bad times would end and their babies would be home.
A few weeks had passed, and Link had thought he'd seen it all, and there was so much more for him to do. Just an hour before he'd completed the Forest Temple, defeating the Twili Boss and frankly, he deserved a night of rest in his home. He was hoping that someone would be awake, but no lights we
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 42 17
Dirty Little Secret | Link x Reader |
(Name) sighed as she left her house, the mayor currently fuming with anger at her. So what if she didn’t want to go to her only sister’s wedding to the man of her dreams? The man of Ilia’s dreams also happened to be the man of her dreams! It just wasn’t right.
The wedding was scheduled for the next weekend, and (Name) had dropped out of the wedding party. That kind of torture for the heart was not recommended in the slightest. Watching Ilia date Link was already hard enough, but going to their wedding, where they (well, Ilia would, Link would just nod along) profess their undying love for one another? Too much to handle.
Her arms were crossed tightly as she stormed away, tears of anger welling up in her beautiful eyes. It wasn’t fair! She’d known Link for so long! Yeah, sure, Ilia grew up with him too, but still! They weren’t best friends like (Name) and Link were. What made Ilia so special?
As she processed her thoughts, she ran
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 34 5
Insanity (DannyxReader)
You slowly opened your eyes, waking up instantly and nearly having a heart attack. You were just barely able to keep yourself from falling off of the bed, holding onto the headboard and breathing heavily. Next to you Dan groaned, sitting up and looking at you. His eyes were unimpressed and the Jewfro was insane, making you giggle a bit. Dan yawned before hitting you with a pillow.
"What the hell was that?" He asked, his voice still sleep clogged.
"I opened my eyes and you scared the shit outta me."
"I was sleeping. I know it's not very often but Jesus fucking Christ-"
"Your hair scared me."
Dan closed his eyes and facepalmed, "Do I even want to know?"
"Nothing to know, you just have a massive fucking fro!"
"It's not twelve inches yet so I can't cut it."
"I know, I know. But in my dream you had short hair again and then I wake up to-"
"A fucking explosion of Jew?" Dan asked with a smile.
You laughed, "Yeah, with some insanity and the inability to tame."
"Turns out the shit that worked a
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 68 31
Dropped Books | Thor x Reader |
The deep voice rumbled in your ear, despite the fact that the man was way taller than you were. He wore a friendly smile on his bearded face, gentle blue eyes swallowing you whole. In his large hand was a spiral notebook with a red cover, 'Sketches' written in a bright blue Sharpie on the top. And instead of you taking the notebook, the man instead grabbed your stack of books and the like, walking towards your art class.
Your eyebrows came together and you walked with him. "Um..."
He looked down at you with that same grin. "You are in art, correct?"
"Yes, I have that fourth block." He explained. "I've seen you run off from it to lunch many a time now. I also dislike this class and strive to get away as quickly as possible."
"It sucks, yeah. I wanted to draw, not learn about drawing."
"I tend to doodle rather than take notes, personally." He said, "My name is Thor, by the way. Thor Odinson."
"(Name) (Last Name)."
"So why are you carrying all of this? The weight is rather taxin
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 64 8
Grillby X Reader
Hey guys! This is Grillby X reader, I'm also publishing these one shots on quotev so if you find it on quotev its ok and no one will die... most likely... I hope you enjoy the story!
You enjoyed hanging around people on the surface but when the monsters came out of the underground you wanted to run around and make friends with them all. Too bad humanity isn’t like that, some hate the monsters and bully them a lot. But enough about you! Let’s got to a couple years in the future when you moved down to the Underground and met the flaming hot bar tender, Grillby.
It had been a normal day like no other in Snowdin, you met years ago the skeleton brothers and made friends with them and they showed you places in the Underground, one of those places was Grillby’s. That is where you are now, with Sans and Grillby who was cleaning and already spotless glass.
“Hey Grillby this is (Y/N), she’s a new resident down here, and most likely by the look on her face wil
:iconscarfwriter:ScarfWriter 136 25
|Burn Scars| Grillby x Abused!Reader

{Warning: Hints of abuse in this chapter.

Read at your own caution.}
You sighed as you slunk down the street towards Grillby's. The restaurant/bar your crush owned. To say you liked the flame monster would be putting it lightly, you absolutely adored him. From his quiet-demeanor to his strong build, everything about him you loved. However, even though you were close to him, you knew he would never feel the same away about you. Grillby was entirely devoted to his restaurant, and he never showed personal interest in anything else. Even his closest friend, Sans didn't know what the guy did on his spare time. Yet still, that didn't stop you from dreaming.
Slightly it began to rain just as you made it inside Grillby's, and you smiled at your luck. Although, the rain would be a nightmare to walk in once you had to go home. Which hopefully wasn't anytime soon. You passed both humans and monsters alike as you headed to your favorite stool at the bar. When Grillby opened h
:iconanubisnightingale:AnubisNightingale 459 138
|Bookworm| Grillby X Bullied!Reader
    It was a slow night at Grillby's Restaurant, and Grillby silently watched you from behind the bar.
    You had been quiet for the past few days. Well...more quiet than usual, and it was starting to worry the flame-monster. Usually whenever you saw him you would give him that shy smile that he had grown to love and would sit at the bar and talk about your day. But ever since last Thursday you had barely spoke a word to him. At first he wondered if he had done something to offend you, but he soon realized that you were acting like this to everyone. Even when Sans approached you, you would barely speak a word and merely nod. 
    Something was wrong, and Grillby wanted to find out what was troubling you.
    That was easier said than done though, as you were currently avoiding him. Each time you entered Grillby's, you would simply tell him your order when he came to your table and not say anything else. Today he was determined to find
:iconanubisnightingale:AnubisNightingale 173 63
Sans x Blind!Reader
Two figures were walking down a sidewalk in a park on a lovely summer day, hands entwined. If one got closer, they could see it was a Skeleton, who was on the short side, and a human who wasn't too much taller. The human's milky eyes stared ahead, moving from side to side at sluggishly, but her smile was vibrant enough to rival the sun.
"It's a beautiful day outside, (Y/N). Hear those birds singing?" Sans asked with a grin.
"I wish I could see it," The girl sighed wistful.
Sans glanced at her out of the corner of his eye socket before stopping. When (Y/N) tilted her head in confusion, he tugged gently on her hand and directed her to a bench facing a small community garden.
Laying his skeletal hand on hers, Sans said, "I'll describe it to ya. You used to be able to see, right kiddo?"
A smile tugged at the edges of (Y/N)'s mouth and she nodded slowly. "That's true. I could see when I was younger, but my eyesight has been gone for a few years now. I still remember how some things looked,
:iconhanta-and-saimon:Hanta-and-Saimon 181 27
Papyrus x Blind!Reader
"Human! It's on your left! No, your other left!"
Papyrus was emphatically nodding towards a particular spoon laying on the counter as he tried to direct his friend to it.
"Is this it?" (Y/N) asked as her hand made contact with the sender wooden handle. Without waiting for confirmation, she picked it up and turned back to where Papyrus's voice was emanating from, spoon held aloft, and the Skeleton had to duck or be struck by it.
"Exactly, human! Thank you!" He smiled at her and took the spoon from her hand. "I'm smiling now, even though you can't see it!"
What brought on this waving about of spoons and ducking skeletons was Papyrus wanting to cook spaghetti with his best friend, (Y/N). When he asked her if she would like to, it gone something like this.
(Y/N) crossed her arms over her chest, her face betraying her apprehension.
"Papyrus, while I'm flattered that you want to cook with me, I think your plan has one little flaw; I'm blind. How can a blind girl cook anything
:iconhanta-and-saimon:Hanta-and-Saimon 181 27



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Welcome to my profile! Prepare yourself for amusement in the form of many many many gifs!

How all the Loki fangirls feel ^^^

My god! Hawkeye is a demon! Someone get Sam and Dean!

^^^Fun fact. The script for this moment literally says “And then Hulk punches Thor in his big Norse face”

^^^Someone find the answer.Please

You go Voldy!


^^^ They’re so cute!

I spend most of my time watching tv shows and making up all sorts of ideas for fan fictions, usually they are long term but I do one shots as well. I am a very imaginative and wise person. I'm 905 years old. My previous Time Lord name was 'The Cavalry' during the war. But soon I ran away from all that. I changed my name to 'The Protector.' I am a horrible drawer and usually stick to stories. I love animals and I'm a part of many many fandoms. have a habit of calling people Dear or Dearie.

By the way a bit of advice. Rumbelle is my OTP now and forever. Don't say anything bad about either of them if you like living. Don't say anything bad about Coulson either! *Hugs him tightly* I love him!



I've graduated high school! Ive not been here in a long time. I've been depressed and discouraged from writing stories due to the fact they have to be in eighty groups for two years to even be decently noticed. Maybe I'm being ridiculous and just crave attention and recognition because no one in my real life gives a damn about my writing. But if you guys see this and want me to come back? Let me know. I'm on amino! On the Gravity falls amino as Insanity Falls Wendy!
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Sam and Dean laughed loudly as the three of you climbed into the Impala.

"Shut the fuck up assholes! It isn't funny!" You growled.

"Dude. (Y/n). Whenever you try to speak to Crowley it's hilarious. You should hear yourself. Plus you usually turn near frickin’ crimson!" Dean laughed.

"It's like you're in love with him or something." Sam added.

"Of course not. He's a complete ass. Not to mention a demon." You said haughtily, crossing your arms.

"Okay little miss Her-my-ony!" Dean said, pronouncing every syllable in a mocking tone.

"Bitch." You muttered, putting your earbuds in and blasting 'Chameleon circuit' into your ears.

~5 hours later~

Sam and Dean had finally fallen asleep. You quietly picked up the keys to the car and slipped outside, starting to push the car out of the parking lot. If you started it here chances are Sam and Dean would still hear it. Ten exhausting minutes later you climbed in the car and started it up.

"I don't like Crowley." You muttered as you thought of the conversation earlier. "I I?" You asked yourself as you began down the road, unsure of where you were going.

"He's pretty attractive I guess....okay really attractive. And he's got nice suits all the time." You said tilting your head both ways in thought.

"And his voice..." You practically melted at the thought of him speaking, more specifically whispering in your ear. Words that shouldn't be passed between a hunter and a demon. You felt churning in the pit of your stomach and shook your head, erasing the dirty thoughts that had started in your head.

"No no shut up! You commanded. "Shouldn't have thoughts like that! You act like an idiot in front of Crowley anyways...mostly because whenever you see him you start getting thoughts you shouldn't. Damn him and his attractiveness. Can't have sex with demons."

"And why not?" A new voice entered the car.

You screamed and were suddenly in the passenger's seat. While whomever appeared was driving. You scrambled into the back seat and peeked around coming face to face with the king of hell himself, Crowley. You opened your mouth to speak but only a small squeak came out. Your face turned as red as a tomato in mere seconds.

“Oh I’m sorry darling did I startle you?” He asked, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

“What the hell are you doing in here! Dean’s going to be pissed!”

Crowley grinned at this and you swallowed nervously.

“W-What’s that look for?”

“About a month ago I planted a certain little coin in Dean’s precious little car, looked a something like this.” He waved his hand and a small coin appeared in it, he tossed it to you and you almost fell out of the seat to catch it.

“It’s a tracking coin.” You stated.

“Very good! You are quite the smart one aren’t you? But do you know what it can do in addition to tracking?”

Your skin seemed to drain of all color and your face turned to a look of embarrassment and horror. “It allows you to hear everything that’s said” You squeaked.

He smirked. “Ohhh and the things I’ve heard. No need to be so ashamed. You can’t help who you're attracted to and many have found this meat suit attractive.”

You nodded, realizing he had a point. “Where are we going?”

“To a hotel”

“A hotel? Why?”

“Sex. If you want of course.”

“Wait what? You mean me..and you? Doing? That?”

He laughed and looked at you. “Yes. That’s what I just said. So do you accept my offer or shall I take you back to that shabby motel?”

“Sex sounds like a better choice.”


~Next morning~

You woke up and smirked slightly as you saw Crowley next to you in the bed.

“Good morning (Y/n).” He said.

“Morning.” You muttered, stretching. “Reckon we should take the car back before Sam and Dean wake up?”

He pretended to think about it for a moment. “Nah. We still got a few more hours. We could spend it with round...four?”

“Five” You corrected with a grin.

“Five.” He mumbled as you kissed him.

~Back at the motel~

Dean got out of the shower, wrapping a towel around his lower body. He sighed and walked back into the main room, shaking the water from his hair.

“Dude what’s wrong?” Dean asked as he saw Sam looking out the window.

“The car is missing and so is (Y/n).”

“She took my car?!” Dean roared, dropping his towel and running outside.

“Dean wait! Put some fucking clothes on!”

~Back at the hotel~

Crowley broke the kiss and you panted, glad to have air again.

“What is it?” You asked, seeing an amused look in his eyes.

“Moose and Squirrel have discovered you and the car are missing. I also planted a coin in the motel.”

As if on cue your cell phone rang. You rolled over and checked the caller id. “It’s Sam.”

“Go on and answer it.” Crowley said, in a tone that made you hesitate slightly before picking up the phone.

“HelLO!” You yelped as Crowley began sucking on your collarbone, running his fingers teasingly down your sides.

“Are you okay?! What happened?!” Sam asked.

You glared at Crowley and he made eye contact, still sucking on your skin, his tongue gliding across the bruise he was creating.

“Nnnothing. Just banged my t-toe” You replied. You put your hand over the phone. “What are you doing?!” You whimpered as he continued to tease you. “Are you trying to get me caught?”

“What is who doing? Who’s there?” Sam asked.

“Just starting round five darling” He murmured against your skin softly so he wasn't heard. “Hello Moose.” Crowley said loudly.

You hit him lightly and shushed him.

“Crowley?! (Y/n) why are you with Crowley?!”

“Uhh I had taken the car-”

“DEAN GET BACK INSIDE AND PUT SOME CLOTHES ON YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE (Y/N) IS IT ISN’T LIKE YOU CAN JUST WALK NAKED DOWN THE DAMN STREET TILL YOU FIND HER!” Sam roared. You could tell he held the phone away from him but the volume was still ear splitting.

You wiggled out from Crowley's light grip and sat up on the edge of the bed. You grabbed your jeans and started putting them on, holding the phone to your ear with your shoulder. Crowley snapped his fingers and in an instant you were dressed. You turned your head and saw he was in his usual suit and tie.

“Dean is naked?!” You asked.

“Yeah he got out of the shower when I said the car was gone he dropped his towel and ran out in the parking lot. Now. Why the hell are you with Crowley?”

“Well I stopped to get gas and he was making a deal at a nearby crossroads and he wanted to talk to me about the apocalypse and stuff.” You lied as you and Crowley walked out of the room and down the stairs.

You got outside and unlocked the car, climbing inside.

“(Y/n) I swear to god if you don’t get my car back here soon I’ll kill you!” Dean growled into the phone.

“Yeah yeah. I’ll be back in an hour or two. Gotta go shopping for supplies and stuff m’kay?” With that you hung up the phone.

You got in the back seat and sighed, closing your eyes. “I actually forgot how stressed those two made me”

“Do you really have to go shopping?”

“No I just made that excuse up. We have plenty of supplies. They’ll realize I was lying soon and call me about it but for now let’s finish round five.”
You whimpered as people entered the bottom of the ship. You had jumped on board running from soldiers approximately an hour ago. They were chasing you for escaping hanging in the gallows. And it was only afterward that you realized you were on a pirate ship. And you had sworn you’d never set foot on a pirate ship again.

"I thought I 'eard something down 'ere." A voice said

“I told you you were just ‘earing things idiot!” Another voice said. 

You heard the second man smack the first mans head and suddenly a wooden eye rolled right next to you. You held your breath and inched deeper into the shadows. A hand began to grope around for the eye.

“‘urry up Ragetti! Jack needs us up deck!”

“Almost got it Pintel…” He said his hand going towards you and suddenly firmly grabbing your breast.

You screeched and slapped his hand away, quickly standing up. He yelped in surprise and fell over. The man named Pintel looked at you, grinning madly. 

“Well well well! Looks like we have a stowaway! Pretty thing too”

You blushed and backed against the wall pulling a small knife out of your pocket. They looked at each other, laughed, and pointed their swords at your throat. You squeaked. 

“P-Parley!” You said quickly, pulling up the sleeve of your dress to show a tattoo, a brand more specifically, to show that you are a pirate. “I invoke the right of parlay. According to the Code of the brethren, set down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew.”

“Damn it!” Pintel said, grabbing your arm roughly and lowering his sword, almost dragging you up to the main deck. “Captain! We found a stowaway down below deck!”

 “She called parley!” Raggetti added sounding highly disgusted and annoyed

“A stowaway?” Jack asked. “Who in their right mind would stowaway on my ship?”

“She would.” Raggetti said as Pintel threw you at the captain's feet.

You quickly got up and gasped as you saw whom you came face to face with. “Jack?” You whisper.

He looked shocked. “(Y/n).”
Stowaway pirate (Jack SparrowXReader)
Possible part one to a small fanfiction if you guys want it.
"Oi (Y/n)! This order is going to table twelve. And the one in your right hand is table five. Oh and table four wants another round of beers." Your manager barked sharply. 

You nodded meekly, throwing your head back to adjust your sunglasses back up on your eyes properly before walking out towards the tables. You sighed. You hated this job with a passion but it was the only one you could get. Only reason you got it was because your asshat of a dad owned a bar chain. And you were forced to continue the 'family business.'

Before the accident you were on your way to becoming an art student. You loved to paint and sculpt, and draw. Anything to do with art you loved. It was your greatest talent. But the night you were going to the college, having been accepted earlier that month, something happened. 

If only you'd been more careful. There was a car coming up behind you. It speed around you and you growled, cursing in Latin. You continued on your way, smiling as you saw the sign saying your destination was only a few miles away. You were finally going to make something of yourself. Get away from the abuse and sadness. Make everyone who said you wouldn't make it choke on their words. Suddenly there was a man in the middle of the road. 

He was wearing a suit and drinking something. You could swear his eyes were blood red. He was talking to two other men standing by a black impala. They seemed to come out of nowhere. You screamed and swerved. 

You hit a patch of ice and your car spun off the road and hit a tree. The last thing you saw was yourself in the broken rear view mirrior. Your eyes bleeding, turning a sick mix of blood red and milky white.

You forced your thoughts elsewhere. You had to, lest you start crying.Tonight was busy. Voices deep in conversation, both drunken and sober, the sound of the juke box being played softly in the speakers. Pool being played. Bets being placed on who would win tonight's football game. The sound was almost overwhelming. 

"Hey Bar lady! Lemme get another round over here eh? And maybe a piece of that fabulous ass of yours." A voice slurred from table four. 

You scrunched up your nose and did your best not to gag at the drunken attempt at flirting that came from the man. You turned your head briefly.

''I'll have your beer right ov-" You gasped as you bumped into someone. You fell to the ground, the trays flying up into the air and crashing on the ground with you. The liquid and food now covering you.

"Watch where you're going god damn it!"

You flinched. "Sorry sir. But I kind of can't watch where I'm going." You whispered, feeling his eyes on you.

He laughed. "Probably because your wearing fucking sunglasses at night in a dark bar. What kinda douchebag wears sunglasses indoors at night like this?" He grabbed your arm pulling you up  and yanking your sunglasses off. 

"Please s-sir give those back'' You pleaded, your voice shaking as the tears spilled from your eyes. you looked down quickly.

"Why? So you can continue being a clumsy bitch?" He asked, the cruel smirk obvious in his voice As he said this the air around him felt darker, heavier for the briefest moment, shoving you to the ground, causing you to cry out.

"Dean!" The word was like a whip. You flinched at it.

He sighed. "Yes my king?" He spat back, sarcastically.

"Be a bit considerate! Can't you see she's blind?" He hissed in Deans ear. 

You felt someone wipe your tears, grabbing your hand and pulling you to your feet. His skin  was rough, contrasting from the softness of your own. It felt nice and you leaned into it ever so slightly. He pulled away when your face was dry. Then you felt the sunglasses placed gently back on it, covering your milky red and white, sightless eyes. 

"Dean go con someone or something. Whatever squirrels do these days." The man snapped.  

After a moment he spoke again. "He's gone off darling. I am so sorry about his behavior. He gets cranky when he isn't drunk off his arse these days."

"It's alright I suppose."

"No it isn't. Because of him you're a mess now. Not to mention you're bleeding. You need medical attention. Stay right here, I'll go speak to the manager about this and inform him of why you're leaving for the night."

You were about to protest when you felt the material of his clothes brush past you. You hadn't even noticed the pain before he mentioned it. You must have crushed the bottles of beer when you landed. You stood still purely from shock and confusion, trying to wrap your head around what was happening and what had just happened. You jumped as your shoulder was tapped.

"No need to be alarmed darling. It's just me." He moved to the front of you and lightly grabbed your forearm. "Do you live nearby?" 

You nodded "Right next door actually." 

"Perfect. Let's go."

"Hold on, you're going with me?"

He begins to lead you with him, a deep chuckle in your ear sending yet another shiver through your body, making your head go slightly fuzzy. "Of course. I know how to fix this and it would take too long if I were to take you to an ER." 

You swallowed nervously as you became slightly aware of a feeling besides pain. The breeze hit your face abruptly and you gasped. And then squeaked as he whispered in your ear.

"Which door?"

"N-Number 221" You said.

"Where are your keys?"

"In my pocket. I'll grab-" 

"No!'' he commanded harsher than he meant to. "I mean you shouldn't." He corrected himself quickly, his voice softer. "Have you already forgotten about your injuries?"

"Oh. Yes. Um. No. I don't know...your voice." You paused, not really wanting to continue, as you weren't sure what to say.

You could feel him looking at you, feeling the amusement on his face and in his eyes. "My voice...? What about it?" He asked.

"" You sighed and started again. "I...I process what your saying and stuff. I still listen. But it does something else. Causes some feeling I don't understand. And makes me sort of zone out."

"Correct me if I'm wrong but are you saying you get a sort of high off my voice?"

You tilted your head and thought for a moment. "I...I think that's what I'm saying yeah."

"Well I'll be sure to talk a lot then."

You gave a small laugh, not sure if he was serious or not. 

"I'm going to have to get it. Is that alright?"

You gave a hesitant nod. ''Even if it wasn't I sort of don't have a choice. It's in my front pocket. The left one."

You shivered and closed your eyes as you felt his body press against your back. It felt nice, safe, yet at the same time; it felt deadly. His  hand reached inside your pocket, grabbing the keys and taking them out. You heard them jingle as he unlocked the door. 

"Can you close the door please?" You murmured as you slipped inside the house.

"Of course darling." He said, closing the door and turning on the light after following you inside.

"I have a first aid kit in the bathroom. Walk twenty two steps forward from the couch and turn right ninety degrees." You instructed, feeling slightly silly for it. He wasn't blind. He could obviously see where the bathroom was.

"Alright. Sit down and avoid using your arms and hands."

You nodded and sensed that he left the room. That's sort of how you saw. You saw without seeing by sensing. You didn't know how to explain how you did it. You just did. Suddenly you realized something.

A strange man is in your house. Your alone with him. You didn't even know this mans name. You had just met him and already he is in your house. He could kill you. Or stab you. Rape you even. He made you feel safe, protected. But there was something about him. The aura you could feel felt powerful and dangerous.

You whimpered again as you suddenly felt pain. On your hands and wrists. Your thighs and head. Everywhere. It burned. It was like fire and ice. Hot yet cold. Always burning. Whether its from excruciating heat or unbearable cold. You began shaking. You couldn't breath. Your lungs closed up and refused to accept any air. 

You let out a choked sob. "Pain. Pain. It hurts. It hurts. Can't breath. Help please." You rasped, unsure of what was happening. 

Were you dying? Even if you weren't you still were in pain. And you had to trust him to help you. Could you trust this man? Would he get here in time? He has to. He's only in the bathroom. Thats hardly far away. You needed to address him. Get his attention. But you didn't know his name.

"Please my king. Help me!'' You sobbed, slightly shocked of the words that came out of your mouth.

In less than a second you felt his presence in front of you. Your nose filled with his scent and the air around you shifted. How did he get here that fast? You would have felt and heard him walking down the hall. His hands cupped your face and he spoke.

"Darling you're having a panic attack. The adrenaline has worn off. You're feeling the pain from the glass. You have to relax. Can you relax? Just try to breath."

You wailed slightly as you tried to focus on relaxing. You couldn't move. Every attempt you made to relax only made you tense up more. All you could focus on was the pain.

You jumped as you felt his breath on your neck. And his hands suddenly on your shoulders.

"Relax." He whispered in your ear.

The word was soft. Soothing and harsh at the same time. Intimidating. It wasn't a request you realized. It was a command. You felt yourself relax and you could breath again. The pain was still there but you stopped shaking. You felt the couch sink in as he set next to you.

"Good girl." He said. 

He gingerly grabbed your upper arm. "This will hurt but you have to stay still alright?"

"Alr-right" you sniveled slightly.

He looked at you and looked at the glass, blood running down your arm. He licked his lips hungrily. He wanted to taste you. Wanted to taste your blood. He needed it. It'd been months since he last tasted human blood. It would be so easy. To just pin you down and drink your blood. Just enough to satisfy himself. You were simple prey.

He brought your arm up a bit more and moved his mouth closer. He could smell it. Your blood. It smelled so good. So intoxicating. He felt dizzy. He clenched the fist not holding your arm and took a deep breath. You tensed up as you sensed the change in him. He felt more powerful. More intimidating. The strange feeling returned and it made your body ache. He jolted out of his trance as you spoke.

"Pardon me for asking. But what is your name?" 

"C-Crowley. My name is Crowley. And yours is?" He shook his head and tried to focus on just the glass. 

"(Y/n)." You stated, hissing as he pulled some glass out of your wrist.

"You're lucky. If this piece was any further to the left it would have hit where your pulse is." His mouth watered at the thought and he groaned.

"Are you alright? You didn't cut yourself did you?"

"No...I'm fine...sorry. It's just...sorry" 

You nodded and the two of you sat it silence as he pulled the glass from your arms and hands. You whimpered softly on occasion and he always followed with an apology.

"It's done." He muttered, his voice sounding feral and his mouth watering even more.

"What's wrong Crowley?" You whispered.

"Need." He growled, whimpering slightly at the end.

"Need?" You questioned, your voice shaking nervously

"Haven't had it in so long. I need it. I need it. And you will give it to me." He suddenly was on top of you, pinning you down on the couch.

You gasped and yelped, trying to kick him but his body weight kept your eggs still. You felt his breath on your neck again. He nipped at your earlobe and a deep rumble started in his throat. 

"I will get what I need." He snarled.

"P-Please." You whispered, unsure of what you were pleading for.

You gasped again as he ran his tongue across your wrist. He hissed and you  heard a sizzling noise. He looked at you. No longer pinned but still underneath him, chest heaving and tears streaming down your cheeks. 

"What are you?" He growled, feeling dizzy again. Almost high. He needed more. He needed it. And he would get it.

"I don't know what you mean." You squeaked, wiggling out from under him and leaping away, stumbling slightly.

You felt him turn towards you. He took a step. And you bolted. You ran into your room, closing and locking the door. You let out a wail. You were dead. He was going to kill you or worse.

Why did you trust this man? Desperation. Fear of death. Both of those. Yet at the same time none of those. You were attracted to him. You felt the power radiate off him in waves. His voice was almost like a drug. Were you attracted to him because he helped you? Saved you? You screamed as the air around you was disrupted. Your nose suddenly full of his cologne. He was in front of you. 

Suddenly you were looking down at yourself from the ceiling. And coming out of your back were two pairs of huge wings. The feathers were a moving, shimmering replica of Van Gough's starry night. Then you were back. Plunged back into darkness.

"You're part angel." Crowley stated. 

"I...what?" You murmured, taking a step backwards and starting to fall.

He grabbed your wrist and held you there, his grip being the only thing keeping you from falling. And he didn't let go despite his groan, the sizzling noise returning. "If you're part angel surely you can heal your eyes."


"Just think of the power, love. Imagine your eyes healing."

You nodded hesitantly and imagined your eyes healing. You closed your eyes and thought with everything you had. Then the last thing you saw came to mind. You whimpered. That won't be the last thing you see. It can't be. Not anymore. Not ever again.

"I will see! I will see again!" You muttered.

Suddenly you saw light. Blinding light but light none the less. You squeezed your eyes shut and groaned. Then slowly you opened your eyes. You looked around as tears filled them.

You could see. You looked down at your hand and let out a sob. You moved away from him and walked around. You saw your bed. Your cats, who were growling and hissing at Crowley. The walls. The view of the alley from your front window. Your kitchen and bathroom. You saw everything. Tears were streaking down your face as you let out a squeal of joy.

"You're welcome." He said from behind you. His eyes flicking crimson red.

You turned and looked up at him, your grin wide. But that grin fell and your stomach dropped, your blood running cold and your skin paling upon seeing his face. The sound of screeching brakes, a scream of terror and a crash sounded in your ears. You cringed and turned away, throwing up and sobbing.

He laughed, his eyes changing back to his vessels color. "I realize I might not be the most attractive man in the world but I'm sure I'm not /that/ ugly."

"It was you." You gasped, dry heaving now. "You were there. With the men. That night."

He tilted his head, confused. "Excuse me?"

"You." You stood up, turning and hitting him with all your strength. "Came." another blow. "OUT OF NOWHERE!" You roared. 

He took the abuse, even more confused. 


With every word you hit him. He was now against the wall, taking your blows as if it was nothing. This made you even more angry.

"You are the reason my life was ruined." You stopped hitting him, just leaning on his body and sliding towards the ground, tears streaming freely down your face.

He grabbed your wrists tightly, pulling you back up and ignoring the pain as the blood made his flesh sizzle. "You expect me to feel bad for what I did?" He scoffed. "Darling I'm a demon. I'm the king of Hell. Im not going to feel bad for anything."

As he said this he knew it wasn't true. He was more human now and he felt terrible. He remembered that night. He knew the boys would freak out if they saw any cars coming so he magically blocked it off for all humans, as he did whenever they met like that. But since you weren't human, not fully anyways, you got through. 

He saw the car coming and thought nothing of it before he used his magic to hide it from the Winchesters. They heard and saw nothing. After they left he uncloaked you and your car, leaving as well, not caring one way or another if you were dead. But somehow, you survived.

"I expect you to suffer." You growled, your wings appearing again and your eyes flashing blue. 

"What are you going to do? Smite me?" He laughed, nervous but managing to keep his fear under control. You weren't full angel. You couldn't smite him.

You placed your hand on his chest. "You shall be blind. And you shall stay where I banish you for ten thousand years."

He chuckled, the sound deep, low, and threatening. "I think your over estimating your-"

"Purgatory." You hissed in a language you were never taught. But understood anyway

There was a blinding light, and suddenly Crowley was gone. You healed the cuts you had and smirked slightly as you began to prepare another college letter. And started your new life with new powers.

"Power." He finished, the world suddenly dark. "W-What?" he stuttered, blinking furiously. "No. No!" 

He tried using his magic to heal his vessels eyesight but nothing happened. He tried to exit the vessel but again nothing happened. He was trapped and blind. Surrounded by darkness, unfamiliar sounds all around him.


No answer. 


But nobody came. Not until the leviathans anyway. They hadn't had a demon here ever. This would be very fun indeed. He seemed like he'd be fun to chase. The blind fool. They licked their lips as he began to run. Run and hide and be caught over and over. For ten thousand years, in the worlds longest and most painful game of hide and seek.
You grinned, sitting on the counter and taking a sip of your hot chocolate. You were in your apartment, usually at this time of day you'd be rushing at top speed to work. But Tony had convinced your boss to give you the day off. Of course by convince you meant threaten. It was St. Patrick's day and you were put in charge of planning a party at the Stark tower. You were brought out of your thoughts when Your boyfriend Loki stormed through the front door and angrily sat on the couch. The two of you had been secretly dating and he regularly visited you, while also making sure the others didn't suspect anything. You raised an eyebrow and cleared your throat.

"What did I tell you about knocking?" You asked him.

He glared at you. "I'm your boyfriend I shouldn't have to knock" He growled, getting up and walking back out. A few seconds later he knocked. "May I please come in (Y/n)?" He asked sarcastically.

"Yes of course" You said smiling.

He again angrily stormed in and you sat next to him. You handed him some hot chocolate.

He grabbed it and nodded, taking a small sip. "I am very annoyed" He muttered.

"I can tell. What's wrong?" You asked looking into his eyes.

He stared back at you and sighed. "People keep pinching me and then running away! They won't even tell me why and by some odd coincidence it's been in the exact same arm every time and now my arm hurts"

You giggled. "Aww poor you." You said, pouting.

He frowned at you and set his mug down. "You know why"


"You misunderstood me my dear. I'm saying I know you know why they're doing that."

You tilted your head thoughtfully, "Do I?" You asked, feigning innocence.

He took your cup and set it on the table, leaning in closer to you. "Yes you do"

You grinned. "I do know the answer but I don't have to tell you."'

"Then I guess I'll have to force the answer out of you"

"Oh yeah?"

He smirked and nodded. "You have three seconds to tell me" He said softly, his finger lightly dragging down your neck and to your shoulder.

You  raised an eyebrow. "Or what?"

"This" He replied, beginning to tickle you, his hands running down your sides.

"Ah! L-Loki stop!" You squealed trying to squirm away from him. "This is in no way fair!"

He chuckled and continued to tickle you mercilessly. "All's fair in love and war"

"This isn't war! Please stop!" You begged, tears streaming down your face from laughter. I'll tell you! I swear!"

He thought for a moment before flipping you on top of him. "I'm waiting (Y/n) " He purred in your ear.

"They're pinching you because for once you aren't wearing green. It's a holiday  and it's stupid to be honest."

He frowned. "It is indeed"

"Don't let it upset you though" You said kissing him.

He immediately deeped the kiss, biting your lower lip softly and gently tugging on it.

"Excuse me Ma'am I" Steve froze when he saw you and Loki.

You yelped and jumped away from him. "God what's the point of having a door if no one knocks?!"

Steve was blushing deeply, his face already scarlet in color. Loki however had gotten up and put the mugs in the sink.

"I-I'm sorry I um didn't realize..." He stuttered. "I'll um....just go"

~At the party~

You were in your favorite dress, it was long, stopping just above your ankles and emerald green in color. Loki had bought it for you for your birthday. You were wearing black high heels and a gold necklace with (b/s)'s. You had just finished setting out the food when Tony sauntered in, drink in his hand.

"Hey (Y/n)" He said casually.

"Hello Tony"

"When were you going to tell us?"

"Tell you what?"

"You're dating Loki" He grinned.

You turned around, a small ball of fire in your hand. "Make one joke about it and I shall cremate you....alive" You said, loud enough for the other Avengers to hear.

Tony paled slightly and nodded.

Loki grinned and walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around you. "Now (Y/n) no need to be so harsh!" He said smiling.

"What would you suggest?" You asked turning around and looking at his outfit. It was only then did you realize he wasn't wearing green still.

"Hey where did you say they pinched you all day?" You asked.

"My left arm...why?"

You grinned and quickly pinched his right arm. Wiggling out of his arms and running as he began to chase you.

"IT WAS WORTH IT!" You screamed.

"It won't be once I catch you!" Loki replied as copies of him teleported everywhere, also trying to catch you.

"OVER MY DEAD BODY!" You yelled kicking your high heels off and tugging your dress up a bit so you could run better.

"THAT CAN BE ARRANGED!" Loki yelled, narrowly avoiding crashing into Natasha.


Loki gave up on chasing you and simply teleported directly in front of you, causing you to bump into him and fall to the ground. He still looked pissed but there was another, familiar look in his eyes. He grabbed your arm and helped you up.

"I think me and (Y/n) will be leaving a bit early." Loki said.

"Aww but the party just started like......3 hours ago!" You whimpered.

"We're leaving....Now" Loki growled in your ear.

You then realized the other look in his eyes was lust. You blushed slightly and wet your lips.

"Bye guys. I'm afraid we really must be going. Fantastic party Tony." You said quickly as Loki teleported you and him back to your apartment. This time you made sure the door was locked. Neither of you wanted to be interrupted.
Green (Loki X Reader)
I DID SOMETHING RELATED TO A HOLIDAY ON TIME!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOO! By the way (b/s)= Birth Stone. Mine in actually believe it of not, emeraldMeow :3  HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY EVERYONE.
I've graduated high school! Ive not been here in a long time. I've been depressed and discouraged from writing stories due to the fact they have to be in eighty groups for two years to even be decently noticed. Maybe I'm being ridiculous and just crave attention and recognition because no one in my real life gives a damn about my writing. But if you guys see this and want me to come back? Let me know. I'm on amino! On the Gravity falls amino as Insanity Falls Wendy!
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Spread the DA love around! (you can copy and paste this message on their userpage!)
1- You can hug the person who hugged you!
2- You -MUST- hug 10 other people, at least!
3- You should hug them in public! Paste it on their page!
4- Random hugs are perfectly okay! (and sweet)
5- You should most definitely get started hugging right away!
Send This To All Your Friends, And Me If I Am 1.
If You Get 7 Back You Are Loved!
1-3 you're bad friend
4-6 you're an ok friend
7-9 you're a good friend
10-& Up you're loved
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Beep beep! I'm a jeep!
BowtiesAreCool15 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Gasp! Beep bop I'ma....snop
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Happy birthday!
ugh just woke up
hope you had a great day!!!!!
BowtiesAreCool15 Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I did. Thank you for the happy birthday ^^
rosepiper1234 Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome!
badapplegrell Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy, happy birthday! From all of us to you! We wish it were our birthday so we can party too! Loki'd La 

Happy birthday, Kathryn! Love you sammy  (That was quite a lot of scrolling) I love you and all your fabulousness. Keep being yourself because you are great! We don't talk often but I love seeing you around.

Enjoy this day..!10th Doctor 
BowtiesAreCool15 Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
(Yes I have many gifs on my page.) Thank you dearie~
ConsultingTimeLord96 Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Happy birthday!! I know we haven't really spoken in a long time but I hope you have a fantastic birthday nonetheless!!
BowtiesAreCool15 Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you dearie! And yes we haven't but we need to. I miss you and everyone else.
ConsultingTimeLord96 Featured By Owner May 19, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
if youre cool with it i can add you on facebook or even give you my cell number. 
I'm not on DA as much as I used to be, though I'm getting an itch to start writing again
so that might change!
BowtiesAreCool15 Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm on my phone more than facebook
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Happy birthday!
BowtiesAreCool15 Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you dearie!
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Ayy, so since you're my 100th watcher, I'm willing to write a fanfiction for you owo.
BowtiesAreCool15 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I just squealed oh my gosh really? Cause if so SansXReaderXPapyrus? If so I'd love you forever man
aggressivemoose Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016
Dude yeah. Are there any specific things you want in it? Like reader pronouns or a certain thing like fluff or something?
BowtiesAreCool15 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
All the fluff!  XD And I don't mind if it's gender neutral.
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Hi.... it's been since we last talked so hi....
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Omg hiiiii!!!!!! -hugs-
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